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"The knowledge of God is everything. It quickens the soul, purifies the heart, tranquilizes the consciences, elevates the affections, sanctifies the entire character and conduct"

C.H.Mackintosh (1820-1896)

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Richard is a high school student in Orlando, Florida. His science teacher taught him that Galileo fought against Bible and Christianity. After watching our lecture on Galileo, he realized that Galileo fought against Aristotelian Scholasticism entrenched in Catholic Church through Thomas Acquinas. He understood that Galileo was actually a believer in Christ who did not see a conflict between his science and Christian faith.  Fatima is a Muslim student in Karachi, Pakistan. She had been taught that real Jesus is in Quran, not in the Bible. After listening to our lecture on Jesus in Bible and Quran, she came to saving faith in Lord Jesus Christ. John was a follower of Richard Dawkins in London, UK. He always thought fossils support Darwinian Evolution, not Special Creation. After watching our lecture on fossils, he realized that paleontology actually support Creation, not Evolution. Radhika was a Hindu girl from Kanpur, India. She was taught Jesus was one of the many ways to reach God, not one true path to heaven. After watching our messages on television, she understood the price of redemption paid by our Lord for our salvation. Richard, Fatima, John, Radhika....they come from different backgrounds in different nations but they are blessed by the labors of our ministry.


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