Jealous Ronny Fernandes complains about my father

Below is the letter Ronny Fernandes wrote to Matthew Henry. In this letter, Ronny Fernandes complains that my father cheated the brethren. But the fact is in India we honor the donors by writing their names on plaques or marble stone. There is no cheating in it. But this looks like cheating to Ronny Fernandes, the great saint of India.

Ronny Fernandes started a book room right behind my father’s book room in Tenali. You can see his jealous heart. Only a heart crippled by jealousy would start a book room right behind another’s book room while they are in the same fellowship. That never gave a good testimony to the brethren in Tenali. That is real cheating on Ronny’s part who did not listen even to Burkhard Schmidt, who asked him to remove the book room.

My father wrote accounts for every dollar he received. I ask brother Ronny Fernandes to produce the accounts for the money he received from foreigners. He never writes accounts and wasted lot of Lord’s money for his personal agendas.  If Ronny Fernandes can produce accounts for the foreign money he received we can trust his complaints.


Dear Matthew Henry,

l was saddened to see your letter about your father brother Yohan who went to be with the Lord on 20th October. From 1981 onwards l worked with your father and for many years we worked very closely. Our families also very close. We cannot forget those years when your father and mother were kind to us and our 3 sons. Our boys spent many happy days in Tenali.
Then things started to change after 1993. You may not know that your father had told me of his desire to open an orphanage for children. In 1986 he showed me his Diary where he had written about his desire to establish a place for Orphans and poor children. l never forgot this.
ln 1987 brother Heijkoop invited me for the Zurich and Dillenburg Conference. I went alone. During the trip l received some gifts. I shared Rs 100,000/- with your father. Some money for him to start a children’s home. Some was for the printing of tracts. Your father rented a small place and started the children’s home in Pallekona. By the end of 1988 he was telling me of purchasing our own place because the landlord was not happy with the Christian work. We found the place on which the present School and Orphanage stands. Both of us each invested 50% of the cost. I did not bother in whose name the Property was registered because l trusted your father completely.
Then brother Ernst Gast of Canada helped with  the construction of the building which now stands at one end of the compound. Brother Gast thought your father was constructing a building that would be the Orphanage. Even l thought it was going to a building for Orphans. But in when brother Daniel Hauber the son in law of Gast came to inaugurate the Orphanage l found out it was a school building. But the thing that changed everything for me is when your father ignored the request of the Donor that his and his wife’s name nor his should be on any part of the building. Brother Daniel also pleaded with your father, but he cheated everyone. The Marble stone with the Donors names are still on the building.
I could go recounting instances where your father was not faithful to the Truth we said we believed in. I do not want to relate other instances. But l feel in my heart that your father threw away every previlege he had and enjoyed. He gave gave a bad example to the lndian brethren you now accuse. If they are scheming then they are following in your father’s footsteps. Brother Echkhard trusted your father more than 100% but in the end he felt badly let down by your father. The western brethren and my wife and l were praying that your father would realise his faults and be reconciled with them. They did not want to take over the work you say your father established.
So my dear Matthew do not be bitter at this time. Go your brethren and make up. No one wants to deprive you of what is lawfully yours. What great blessing would result if you reconciled with all the brethren. Your parents are now with the Lord and would be very happy if all the brethren united as one faithfully working together as brethren in Christ.
Prayerfully think about what l have written. l love you and all your brother’s and sisters. Your parents were so kind to me and my family. We can only pray that we can continue that relationship now and for all eternity.
With much love in Christ,
Ronny Fernandes

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