Burkhard Schmidt’s unscriptural activities

My father K.Yohan invited Burkhard Schmidt to preach God’s Word among the assemblies in India. But he did not limit his role to preaching the Word. He put himself in a position to dictate assembly matters in India. He should not be doing this.

Indian brothers organize annual Bible Conferences every year. Burkhard decides who should speak, who should not speak, who should translate for him and who should not translate for him. These matters should be in the hands of Indian Christians, not in the hands of Burkhard or Echard Bubenzer family. Recently I heard they are doing these activities in Egypt and other countries also, not just in India, thus sowing discord among the believers.

Burkhard is also elevating individuals like Vijaya Babu Ilavarapu, who does not have a good testimony. Vijaya Babu claimed SC reservation ‘Hindu’. When he got a government job claiming as a Hindu, every one in the assembly protested it. Yet Burkhard and Echard Bubenzer made Vijaya Babu a speaker in the assemblies and an important leader. This sets a wrong example before believers and unbelievers alike. People think you can claim as ‘Hindu’ before government, get a job and then you can take your Bible, claim as Christian in the church and preach the Bible. That is not a good testimony. Brother Gera Daniel is not a Hindu on his government certificate. At least he claims as a Christian. That is how Christians should be. It should not be ‘Hindu’ before government and Christian before the church.

But Burkhard using Vijaya Babu who does not have a good testimony. These are the kinds of activities Burkhard has been doing in India and corrupting Christian assemblies.

He is also using Bhumeshor Sharma of Manipur for his activities. Bhumeshor will do anything for German money. He was told to write a letter against me and even without talking to me about issues, he wrote a letter against me to the brethren in America. He will do anything because all that matters to him is money from Germany.

Foreign brothers should limit their role to preaching the Bible, not exercising authority over assemblies in India, Egypt,West Indies etc. I told both of them what they are doing among the assemblies is not right. But they would not listen. Let us hope Burkard and Echard families will stop these unscriptural activities around the world.

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