Burkhard Schmidt and Frank Ulrich: bad activities in India

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My father K.Yohan invited Burkhard Schmidt to preach God’s Word among the assemblies in India. He came to India, familiarized himself with the Indian culture, made friends with Indian brethren and slowly started a coup against my father. He created divisions among the assemblies.

Bro. Vinay Kumar and my father used to be like best friends. They treated each other with so much love and respect. But Burkhard ruined that friendship. He spoiled Vinay Kumar’s mind to the point that Vinay Kumar stole assembly documents from the office in Tenali without my father’s knowledge. My dad trusted them to the extent he gave over the keys to them. And they cruelly broke his heart when he was fighting with terminal cancer.  Does any Christian do such things? Well, Burkhard and Frank Ulrich can do such horrible things. One can hardly find scriptural love in them.

My father started Pallekona Orphanage to feed orphan and poor children of India. Over 400 children were getting food, shelter and education. Then Burkhard and Frank Ulrich entered the scene. Because my father refused to give them the ownership of the orphanage, they took it personally. They ruined the minds of the brethren and stopped the funding to the Orphanage. As a result, over 400 children were led into starvation overnight. Many others lost their employment at the Orphanage. My father always enjoyed taking care of poor children. Burkhard Schmidt and Frank Ulrich spoiled that great ministry to the hungry children.

I have been speaking in Tenali Annual Bible Conferences for almost 20 years, long before Burkhard Schmidt came to India. But Burkhard cultivated a heart of jealousy towards me. He was also not happy when I was speaking at Eastern Bible Conference in Grove City, USA. My father wanted me to speak in Bible Conference after Burkhard. But Burkhard became jealous and did not even listen to my father. My mother was a great woman of God. She told Burkhard, ‘You are giving time to Phillip Svetlik, David Bubenzer, Phillip Bremecker. Please give some time to my son Paul’. But Burkhard had no respect for my mother. My mother’s labors helped build 5 assemblies in Andhra Pradesh, most of whom were Hindu converts. Burkhard did not listen to my mother’s recommendation. He had absolutely no respect for senior brethren. It seems to me that he is proud because he works at CERN. Why should people respect your science degrees if you have no respect for elders? He was allowing very corrupt individuals to speak in the Conference but he did not listen to my father’s advice.

He is also using Bhumeshor Sharma of Manipur for his activities. Bhumeshor will do anything for German money. He was told to write a letter against me and even without talking to me about issues, he wrote a letter against me to the brethren in America and to assembly in Snydertown, Pennsylvania. If you want to write a letter against a brother, first talk to that brother, listen to his point of view and then write the letter. Bhumeshor will do anything because all that matters to him is money from Germany and America.

I was enjoying the fellowship with the brethren at Snydertown, Pennsylvania assembly. You can expect what happened later? Burkhard and Frank Ulrich wrote letters against me to the brethren at this assembly. When the brethren at Snydertown were behaving differently, I knew what happened. They must have received a letter from Bubenzer, or Burkhard or Frank Ulrich. I guessed it correctly. The brethren showed me the letters from these 3 individuals. They said, ‘Burkhard Schmidt, Frank Ulrich, Eckhard Bubenzer wrote letters against you’. When I was enjoying the fellowship, these fellows corrupted the minds of the brethren with their poisonous letters. Thus, they created a toxic atmosphere around me to the point I had no choice but to leave the assembly. Does this explain why KLC exclusive brethren assemblies are disappearing all over the world? Many of their KLC assemblies are already closed or on the verge of closing because this is how they behave. A few individuals create toxicity around other brothers, not love or grace or mercy for the brethren.

I went to Tenali in February 2020 to attend Annual Bible Conference. I was told that the foreign brothers divided Tenali assembly into two parts. This assembly was started by my father K.Yohan in the year I was born and they heartlessly divided it into two parts. Now, Tenali assembly became two parts. Every one who went to Burkhard Schmidt’s side is tempted with money: His Indian followers warned the poor, “If you don’t come to our side, you will not receive any money from Germany”. Poor Indian brethren could not stand temptations, yielded to their pressure and went with them.

I have a good job in USA. But what about hundreds of orphan and poor children, hundreds of workers who lost their jobs at Pallekona School and Orphanage? This place was started to take care of the poor almost 30 years ago. Thanks to Burkhard and Frank Ulrich, they all now starving and jobless. They did all this because my father did not hand over the management to them.

To conclude, my father invited Burkhard to India to help assemblies and all Burkhard and Frank Ulrich did was to cruelly break the assembly my dear father built with so much passion and devotion. They heartlessly stopped the support to poor children and their families.

Don’t trust these back stabbers from Germany and Switzerland. They will ruin everything you’ve worked for many decades. My father built Pallekona Orphanage over 30 years of labor and they ruined it within a few months. We have to rebuild it again. Not withstanding what Burkhard Schmidt and Frank Ulrich did in India, we are not going to give up. We will continue the great ministry in Pallekona Orphanage and assemblies. Peace!

Burkhard used Bro.Vinay Kumar to plot against me and my father Yohan. Vinay Kumar stole assembly documents from our office which caused lot of grief to my father’s heart.

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