Ronny Fernandes’s FCRA revoked by the Government of India

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Today’s question, Ronny Fernandes’s FCRA revoked by the Government of India. Is this right? Excellent question. I already made a video on this topic. Please watch it when you get some time. The Government of India is taking a hard stand on organizations which receive foreign funding to carry their activities in India. Every organization should possess a license from the government of India to receive foreign funds. This is in accordance with FCRA – Foreign Contribution Registration Act. 

       Ronny Fernandes is a Christian book publisher located in Mumbai, India. His organization ‘Words of Life’ trust is located in Mumbai. If you look at the list of FCRAs revoked, you will find ‘Words of Life Trust’ among one of them which lost its license to receive foreign funds. I know Ronny Fernandes well. I talked to him many times. He visited our home many times. He was friends with my dad. He is not known for good book keeping. One day, he passed out while visiting our town. Eckhard Bubenzer, a brother from Germany, said, ‘Why did he pass out? Was it because we asked him for accounts?’ Eckhard Bubenzer was one of his donors. He said, ‘Why did he pass out? Is this because I asked him for financial accounts?’. That is the reputation Ronny Fernandes achieved among Christian circles. 

    Now, I am not saying Ronny Fernandes did something wrong. The fact is the Government of India revoked his license. As a Christian leader, Ronny Fernandes has the responsibility to give an explanation to us why this has happened. We have been supporting his work, so we have a right to ask. He has been raising donations using the name of God. So, he has a responsibility to show the world how he has been spending those donations. The Government of India, obviously found irregularities in his financial statements. 

   I said the same thing about the Missionaries of Charity. Don’t hide behind Mother Teresa. What did the Government of India find in your activities that was objectionable? Release those documents to the world. 

   Now, don’t use minority card. ‘This is happening to me because I am a Christian’. ‘This is happening to me because I am a minority’, ‘This is happening to me because Modi is bad’. ‘This is happening to me because BJP is bad’. Show us the accounts. Show us your financial documents. What did the Government find in your accounts that is illegal or improper? Show us the letter from the government. Give us an explanation on how you responded to the government. That is the way to do it. Transparency and accountability are very important in God’s work. 

    When Ravi Zacharias was accused of abusing women, I made the same demand: Tell us the truth. What happened? How do you respond to these allegations? I ask Ronny Fernandes the same thing. What happened? Why did the Government of India revoke your FRCA? Did they find any irregularities in your account statements? Did they find anything unethical? Did they find any corruption? Ronny Fernandes should give an explanation on this matter because he is claiming to be a Christian leader. 

   Some of you said, ‘Don’t talk badly about Christian leaders. That brings dishonor to Christianity’. I don’t agree with it. Our blessed Savior said, ‘There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known’ (Matthew 10:26). 

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed. 

He continued, ‘What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight. what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs’. 

So, proclaim truth from the rooftops. Apostle Paul said the same thing. 

“Those who sin should be reprimanded in front of the whole church; this will serve as a strong warning to others’ (1 Timothy 5:20). 

If someone sins, reprimand him or her in front of the whole church because that will serve as a strong warning to others. 

So, when the Government of India finds irregularities in a Christian organization, that should be a warning to all Christians. There is so much corruption in Christian organizations. Everyone knows that. There is diversion of funds to personal accounts. Some Church leaders are selling off church lands to business people and pocketing that money. Some church leaders are submitting false records to the government. They give 1000 rupees and write it down as 10,000 rupees. They help 50 individuals and write it down as though they helped 500 individuals. When the Government of India catches such corrupt leaders, we should appreciate our government rather than crying, ‘Government is persecuting Christians’. 

   So, my advice to Mr.Ronny Fernandes is, ‘Why did the Government of India revoke the license of your organization? Can you provide us a letter from the Government? Can you post a copy online? Can you provide the financial documents of your organization? How much did you raise as donations? How did you spend those donations?

Tell the truth to the world. That is my advice to brother Ronny Fernandes. 

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