Why Atheism Makes No Sense: Logic in Computer

I would like to give you 5 reasons for why I believe in the existence of God. Let me give you five things in 5 M mnemonic.  Mathematical nature of the universe Moral nature of the humanity Marvelous fulfillment of Bible prophecies Miraculous life of Christ Meaning of Life Each one of these 5 facts Continue reading Why Atheism Makes No Sense: Logic in Computer

Trump & Truth for Transgenders

  President Trump made a surprising decision to bar transgenders in the military of the United States. Not surprisingly, the transgender community and progressives became infuriated with this decision. Transgenders! Who are they? How did this controversy arise? Now, let me make one thing clear to you. There are true hermaphrodites in our society. A Continue reading Trump & Truth for Transgenders

Trump defends the West, refutes Atheism

Donald Trump recently visited Warsaw, Poland and gave a speech defending the Western Civilization.Trump has been a divisive figure, but I shall admit, I really enjoyed his speech. After listening to so much patronizing political correctness from our leaders, it is refreshing to listen to Trump. Let me give you some highlights from his speech. Continue reading Trump defends the West, refutes Atheism