Jairus and his daughter (2)

Christ cleansing a leper by Jean-Marie Melchior Doze, 1864.

When he saw him (Jesus), he fell at his feet and begged him earnestly, saying, My little daughter lies at the point of death. Come.

Mark 5:22.23.

Jairus felt the need to tell Jesus about his problem. When he reached Him, he “fell at his feet”. He clearly saw that he had to do with One who was greater than he himself. And he trusted in His ability to heal his daughter.

Nowadays people devise their god as they imagine him to be. They even distort the Person of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Words are omitted, miracles declared not to have taken place, Paul’s writings considered outmoded. Now we must accept Jesus Christ, as the Word of God sets Him forth. This demands courage, for He is and speaks differently from what we might wish. It also calls for humility, for He is far greater and more exalted than we are. The Lord Jesus is God.

How lovingly and tenderly Jairus speaks of his “only” daughter (cf. Luke 8:42): “My little daughter lies at the point of death.” His words reveal his love and his pain. We can understand him and feel for him.

He trusts Jesus Christ; therefore he approaches Him with his request: “Come!” He imagines that Jesus will come and heal his daughter, for He can turn death away. His faith is indeed great. Maybe we do not feel capable of such faith; yet we would dearly have His help in our circumstances and problems. The Lord heard Jairus’ request and went with him. Today heard Jairus’ request and went with him. Today He would like to hear us say, “Lord Jesus, this is my problem. Please, come and help!”

Image: By Melchior Doze – http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Jesus-Healing-the-Leper-1864-Posters_i1945716_.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14706752