Linda Greenhouse: Does God have a place in the Supreme Court over Texas ban?

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Today’s question. Linda Greenhouse writes in the New York Times that God has no place in Supreme Court opinions. Is it true? 

New York Times columnist Linda Greenhouse wrote an article with the title, God has no place in Supreme Court opinions. She is very, very angry that Supreme Court backed Texas law, S.B.8 that bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. She says, this is theocracy. Don’t bring your God into the legislative chamber. Dont bring your God into the court house. Dont bring your God into any public space or civilian life. Keep him in your private life. 

    She is angry that some politicians talk about God when they talk about abortion. She wrote, 

In May, when Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas signed S.B. 8, the vigilante bill that bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, he claimed that “our creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion. In Texas we work to save those lives.”

Two years earlier, signing a bill that criminalized nearly all abortions in Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey called the measure a “testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.”

And this year, a Republican state senator in Arkansas, Jason Rapert, declared in explaining his sponsorship of a bill to ban nearly all abortions that “there’s six things God hates, and one of those is people who shed innocent blood,” 

Abortion is a hot topic in America. We Christians make trouble wherever we go. Romans and Greeks practiced infanticide with no remorse. They exposed unwanted babies to natural forces in the wild without a movement of guilt. We confronted them: that baby is a sacred being made in the image of God. You should not kill him or her. Today’s secular Americans do not practice infanticide yet, but many of them are happy to terminate the life of the unborn even into the final weeks of pregnancy. ‘It is my life and my choices that matter’. ‘This is my body’. Who are you to tell me what I should do with my body? 

  That unborn baby is a human being made in the image of God. Does that matter to you? Recently I bought a nice ultrasound machine. I love it. I can hold it in my pocket and carry it around. Any patient with any medical problem. I take the ultrasound and nicely scan their body parts to understand the disease. Some of my patients are pregnant. I evaluate the progress of their pregnancy. When I put the ultrasound on their belly, i see a human face, I see a beating heart, I see human hands and feet. I see human brain. Don’t tell me that is not a human being. 

     Linda wrote, “There are actually fewer than one million abortions a year in the United States, but let’s not get picky with the facts.” A million abortions a year? That is a lot. That is a lot of innocent hearts abruptly stopped. That is a lot of innocent blood violently shed. That is a lot of innocent heads brutally severed. Don’t tell me that does not matter. 

     If Hitler had to kill less than a million people in his camps, that is still evil. We killing less than a million in our abortion slaughter houses is no less evil. America is facing a precipitous decline in population. It is like killing our next generation. One million absent babies will have enormous consequences for the health of a nation on so many planes. China has a booming economy with a population of 1.5 billion people. America wants to compete with China while slaughtering its next generation before they even open their eyes? Forget about it. So, even if you take a socioeconomic view, the precipitous decline in America’s population due to over a million abortions a year will have disastrous consequences. 

       Linda Greenhouse says such secular explanation for opposing abortion are somewhat tolerable than brining God into the public discourse. God brings shivers down the spines of our secular elite. They grabbed all powerful institutions in our society. God has been forcefully removed from public schools to courts and even from once Christian organizations. Ironically they call us theocrats. 

   Don’t bring God into the Supreme Court. Keep your God at home. Only my atheism should rule the Supreme Court. Only my secular humanism should rule the Legislatures. The Word of God should be irrelevant. The word of man should be supreme. 

   Linda, you should be ashamed of yourself. God should be the most important concern in our lives. Jesus Christ our Lord said, ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away’ (Matthew 24:35). Even this whole universe will pass away but the words of our Lord Jesus Christ will reign Supreme. Linda, her New York Times and all the secular elite who wants to reshape this world should remember that. They will wither away like grass. They will be reduced to dust. But the word of God will be here. 

    Great Jewish teacher Abraham Herschel said,  “God is either of no importance, or of supreme importance.”

There is no middle ground. Either you take God very seriously or you don’t care about him at all. There is no other option. Supreme Court is not above God. Congress is not above God. White House is not above God. 

   So, to answer your question, God should have a place even in the Supreme Court opinions because no opinion is greater than the Word of God. No law is more moral than the precepts of God. No judgment is more perfect than the pronouncements of God.