Nupur Sharma Comments on Muhammad: Muslim Hypocrisy 

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Hindu leader Nupur Sharma made comments on Muhammad. Muslims are very angry. Is this right? 

Good question. Hindu leaders Nupur Sharma and Navin Kumar Jindal made offensive comments on Muhammad and Islam. You can predict the consequences. Some Muslims called for their arrest, some called even for death penalty. 

This is not right. Freedom of conscience and freedom of speech are fundamental human rights. Nupur Sharma and Navin Kumar have a right to express their opinions on anything or on anybody, from the first human being to the baby born a minute ago. We are increasingly being told, ‘You can criticize any religion except Islam’. ‘You can criticize anyone except Muhammad’. This ‘except Muhammad’ flaw is enforced by Muslim radicals and their secular friends all over the world. 

   Muslim nations all over the world condemned India and its government because of Nupur Sharma’s comments on Muhammad. Did they ever condemn M.F.Husain? M.F.Husain was a Muslim artist. Living in India he was drawing highly derogatory portrayals of Hindu gods and goddesses. No Muslim nation condemned M.F.Husain for hurting the sentiments of Hindus. 

    Just a few days ago, a Muslim terrorist went inside a church in Nigeria and gunned down 50 Christians. These innocent Christians were brutally murdered inside a church. These incidents are happening at alarming frequency. Yet we hear no condemnation from any Muslim nation. We hear no condemnation when Hindu temples were destroyed in Pakistan or Bangladesh. 

So, Muslims should abandon this hypocrisy. They should invite valid criticism of Islam and their prophet. They should learn to defend their faith and the prophet using peaceful means. The Indian government should not apologize for the comments made by Nupur Sharma. Caving into these forces will only embolden them. This ‘except Muhammad’ flaw in free speech will only get worse.