The slavery of sin

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Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin.

John 8:34.

The drug problem continues to be a great challenge to society. For years statistics published by the police have been showing an increase in the number of registered crimes connected with drugs. In addition, further crimes are committed to finance the addiction.

Scientists are analysing the problem to find a solution. Laboratory experiments have shown that when addicted rats can choose between pressing a switch for food or one for drugs they constantly choose the drug switch until they eventually die. One cannot, of course, conclude that such results will equally apply to people, but the compulsion behind addiction is all too evident.

God also keeps a record of people’s offences (cf. Revelation 20:12). His documentation is more comprehensive than that of the police. Every sin is registered. And by nature we are all included from the outset, for every wrongdoing recorded results from our being conditioned to sin. The power of sin inside us arouses sinful thoughts words and deeds. And there are no unsolved cases with God, in contrast to human statistics. Nor is there any miscarriage of justice. God’s judgment is just.

When the Lord Jesus Christ pointed out our dependence on the power of sin, He offered simultaneously to free us from it (v. 36). The Son of God can and is ready to free us from this power. He also offers forgiveness of our guilt and the remission of punishment. Every sin can be wiped out through the blood of Jesus. God alone can grant such grace. He alone has the power to do so.