Our Mission

1. To glorify God by studying His creation and understanding His wisdom.

2. To uphold the Bible as the Word of God

3. To study the historical relationship between Science and Christianity

4. To combat the falsehood that Christianity and Science are at loggerheads with each other

5. To expose the falsehood of Darwinian evolution which is presented to our generation as science

6. To use science as an instrument to throw light on the path of people who are on their journey to discover the truth of reality

7. To study comparative religion and show the beauty of Christ among the founders of world’s major religions

8. To study the history of the Bible from a scientific perspective

9. To preach gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the lost souls

10. To strengthen the church of Jesus Christ with the truth related to God and Science

11. To educate the public in scientific disciplines and thereby enhancing their own interest in different branches of science

12. While God & Science Foundation is an apologetic ministry engaged in defending Christian faith from a scientific perspective, we are unapologetically committed to authority of scripture in matters related to nature of God, nature of Jesus Christ, the way of salvation, practice of faith and living.

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