“The Knowledge of God is everything;

it quickens the soul; purifies the heart;

tranquilizes the conscience;

elevates the affections;

sanctifies the entire character and conduct” C.H.Mackintosh (1820 – 1896)

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36 thoughts

      1. Can you detox klonopin with suboxonre or something else.

  1. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Sir. I heard the TV massage just now and I inspired.Your view of scientific to prove the God and work for God’s Kingdom is appreciable.I pray for you and your team to spread the truth of God and His scheme of redemption to mankind asper scriptures to the people.

  2. Dear Brother, I am listening to your programe Defender’s Voice over Aradhana TV and I am very much inspired by your message and it’s presentation. You are presenting the Gospel in a differant and new way . We are knowing many truths of the Bible and the happenings in the world. Praying for your ministry, your family and your team. God bless you.
    Bro. D Francis Jayaraj , Hyderabad.

  3. Dear Brother,
    Today I here your message your teaching is very practical with visuals . Our God’s strength we can see in Israelites.
    Thank you sir we pray for your ministry.


  5. Dear brother
    I heard your message on Gandhi who followed Jesus in action .
    Without accepting Jesus as Lord confessing sin is useless to anybody in the world.
    Your message is heart touching and interesting.
    God bless you and your ministry

  6. Dear brother . sometimes I heard your messages.very very good . certainly many people will bless through your messages

  7. Praise the lord brother! I’m following you since from 1yr.I learnt &blessed by God in so many things in spritual way..we’ll pray for this ministry.

  8. Pris LORD sir i see on 19/11/2018 evining at tv program shubhavartha telugu thank you sir very good meseg in our cuurch ministry in indipendent baptist church in karnataka telugu servise piese prayer fore me sir thank plese send detail seminar on5-8 2019 frebravary i am attending the seminar sir plese give your watsop number sir my number 9880368308 watsop number sir thank you sir Rev venkatarayappa divya shanthi baptist church kariyappalli villeg kagathi post chintamani taluk chikkaballapur dristict karnaataka stete pincod no 563146

  9. Shalom.. tq bro for ur wonderful bible commentary.. thank u so much.. iam happy.. my spirit rejoicing. Hallelujah.. tq.. bro.. God bless u richly..

  10. Hi – I have questions regarding a surgery I had and would love your input after watching your videos

  11. Praise the Lord Dr. Paul Garu. So good to know about you through some random recommendation on YouTube. Loved watching your videos with some other guests as well. Also happy to know that you are from Tenali.
    Myself Joshi Livingston from Nellore s/o Pastor. Moses Believers Prayer Fellowship Ministry Akividu. A medical student currently doing my clinical rotations in Chicago.
    Please lift me up in your prayers. Thank you.

  12. I had been listening to Micheal Ramsden, RZIM Europe for several years and I appreciated his ministry to the young people in Oxford. However 5 years ago my husband passed away and I decided to donate $250 to RZIM in his honor, but I was told I could only donate to the American branch as I was in America. So I did. After a few months of receiving no written receipt for tax purposes I finally managed to get in touch with higher lever people in their development department (after many efforts) When I demanded a receipt they told me that $250 was not a high enough amount to receive a receipt, I was so hurt and outraged that I threatened to talk to the IRS regarding this incident. They treated me with complete disdain and finally said that they would just refund my whole amount rather than have me contact the IRS. I guess they forgot about the woman in the Bible with the two copper coins…I knew at that time that the Spirit of God was not with them, and stopped listening to them and turned my spiritual attention. One can often find the true nature of a ministry in how they handle the donations, especially from grieving widows.
    God Bless you Dr. Kattupalli

    1. Hi Susannah, thank you for your message. It is very sad that RZIM behaved like this. $250 is a big donation. They looked at it with disdain. They were so unChrist like. That is not acceptable. Well, God taught them a lesson and brought their corruption to light. God bless you sister

  13. Dear Dr. Paul, Thank You for your generosity of time and Spirit in answering my email, it makes me feel so valued. I am praying for your ministry, and I Thank God for you.
    PS: I was born on M. Teresa’s birthday and that has always been special to me as there is nothing I like better to do than care for and minister to others. God Bless

  14. Praise the Lord, Dear Brother. Dr.Paul, I wish to inform you that. I am watching your messages and share to others. Regards Raju from Heyerpet, Tenali

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