Mike Pence’s daughter, once an atheist, comes back to Jesus

Charlotte Pence came with a book titled Where You Go: Lessons from my father. She says that she became an atheist when she went to study at Oxford University. She struggled with her faith and ignored God,Bible and Jesus for a while. Her dad, current US Vice President Mike Pence, and her mum showed unconditional … Continue reading Mike Pence’s daughter, once an atheist, comes back to Jesus

Lesbian atheist Camille Beredjick on fire

Lesbian atheist Camille Beredjick, a columnist for Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist recently wrote a book titled 'Queer Disbelief: Why LGBTQ Equality Is an Atheist Issue'. She argued passionately why we should treat LGBTQ individuals with equality, love and respect. We all believe in equality. Atheists and theists alike believe that equality is a universal value. … Continue reading Lesbian atheist Camille Beredjick on fire

1 సమూయేలు: గ్రంథ పరిచయం

పరిచయం: సమూయేలు న్యాయాధిపతిగా, ప్రవక్తగా, యాజకునిగా విభిన్న భాద్యతలు నిర్వహించాడు. ఇశ్రాయేలీయుల మొదటి ఇద్దరు రాజులు - సౌలు, దావీదు లను సమూయేలు అభిషేకించాడు. సమూయేలు వృద్ధుడయినప్పుడు తన కుమారులను ఇశ్రాయేలీయుల మీద న్యాయాధిపతులుగా నియమించాడు. అయితే వారు డబ్బుకు కక్కుర్తి పడి, లంచ గొండులుగా మారి, అన్యాయము, దురాశలతో  ప్రజలను దోచుకొనే అవినీతి తిమింగలాలుగా మారారు. ఇశ్రాయేలీయులు అప్పుడు సమూయేలు యొద్దకు వచ్చి, ‘సకల జనుల మర్యాద చొప్పున’ మాకు కూడా ఒక రాజును నియమించు … Continue reading 1 సమూయేలు: గ్రంథ పరిచయం

Darwinian Deception in Nobel Prizes (Audio)

Satan has been relentlessly promoting naturalism  and atheism under the guise of science. This month Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to three great scientists, Frances Arnold, George Smith and Gregory Winter. While making the announcement, the Nobel Committee celebrated it as a triumph of directed evolution according to Darwinian principles of natural selection. In … Continue reading Darwinian Deception in Nobel Prizes (Audio)

Ray Comfort versus Penn Jillette

Atheist Penn Jillette is not going to be in Ray Comfort's new movie 'The Banana Man'. Comfort said one of the questions Jillette asked was, 'Who made God?" God is self-existing, eternal, uncaused being. Atheist Jillette found it hard to swallow. An eternal being? That is not possible. Off course, he has no problem believing in … Continue reading Ray Comfort versus Penn Jillette