English Sermons – Video


Your Heart for Christ

Daniel 70 Weeks: The Greatest Prophecy of the Bible

Our Great Savior: Our Security in Christ

Daniel: A Prophet for our time

Zakir Naik Exposed: Jesus & Jonah

Corona, Camus and Christ: Remembering Albert Camus

Corona Pandemic: Is This A Sign of Coming Apocalypse?

Jesus & Eichmann in Jerusalem

Why Atheism Fails: Things Money Cannot Buy

Why Atheism Fails: The Myth of Moral Molecules

Why Atheism Fails: Rationality & Morality

And the Moon Became As Blood: Blood Moon in Bible Prophecy

Galapagos Finches: Prove Darwinism or Creation?

Galapagos Islands: Where Darwinism & Atheism Gets Destroyed!

Sri Lanka to Synagogue: Antisemitism and Atheism

Nietzsche’s Atheism: Death of God & It’s Consequences

Thomas Hobbes: Atheistic Moral Society Without God

Jesus and John Stuart Mill: The Folly of Utilitarianism

Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Evolution or Creation?

Can We Be Moral Without God?

Bible Museum: How Bible Changed Our World!

How Hawking’s Atheism violates Einstein’s Relativity

Stephen Hawking: Death of an Atheist

God, Trump & Gun Control

God & Second Amendment

Media Attacks on Christian Faith

God & School Shootings

Uma Thurman, Hollywood & Buddhism

Is Yoga White Supremacy?

Dangerous Flu Season & Darwinian Evolution

Trump & Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy

Remembering Martin Luther @ 500 Years: Man of the Millennium (1517 – 2017)

Why Atheism Makes No Sense: Laws of Thermodynamics

Gravitational Waves: A Death Blow to Atheism?

Earthquakes and Cancers: God’s Solution for Evil

Nabeel Qureshi (1983 – 2017): How a Muslim became a Christian Evangelist!

Jesus and Alexander the Great

Islam’s Long War on Spain

Why Atheism makes no sense: Logic in Computer

Truth for Transgenders

Atheism in Eastern Europe

Christ our Advocate

God & Bernie Sanders: Liberty without Virtue

Why Atheism Makes No Sense?

God,Islam and Manchester

Jesus in Jeremiah’s New Covenant

Prophet Jeremiah: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Glaciers,Ice Age and Woolly Mammoths: Do they prove Creation or Evolution?

Were there Two Isaiahs or More?

Why Do Atheists Attack the Virgin Birth of Christ?

Why do Atheists attack the Book of Isaiah? Part 1

Donald Trump and Muslim Ban: A Christian Perspective

God, America and Donald Trump

Darwin’s Deception

Did Pasteur Disprove Darwin?

Does Quantum Physics Support Atheism?

Paul Dirac: God in the Beauty of Mathematics

Galileo: Atheist or Christian?

Did Christianity Suppress Science? Part 3

Did Christianity Suppress Science,Part 2

Did Christianity Suppress Science? Part 1