Believing in God or believing God?

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Do you believe in the Son of God?

It was written … for us … who believe in him who raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead.

John 9, 35; Romans 4, 23.24

What is the difference between “believing in God” and “believing God”?

Believing in God signifies belief in His existence. It is believing that the world did not originate by chance, but that an intelligent will effected the beginning of everything. In the Bible believing in God means even more. It is accepting that God is the living God who rules the world and will judge everyone. Simply believing in God, however, it is not enough to enter into a relationship with Him. Man destroyed this to enter into a relationship with Him. Man destroyed this relationship by wishing to live independently of his Creator. To restore this relationship it is necessary to believe God. 

Believing God is accepting that He loved me by creating me in His image. It is placing confidence in Him and accepting what He says in the Bible for my good, particularly that my independence towards my Creator is the source of all my disobedience. But when I had no hope of returning to Him, He came to save me through Jesus Christ. Believing that leads to the confession of the sin within me and to repentance, i.e. wanting deliverance and a transformed life. This also leads me to utter an appeal to the Lord to be freely delivered and be granted His forgiveness and His love. Then I can believe God not merely to be saved, but also to live in a daily relationship with Him, for He has become my Father. Fully persuaded that He speaks the truth in His Word, I can trust His promises. He cares for me, for He loves me!