Discovering the right pathway

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Teach me your way, o LORD.

Psalm 27, 11.

As Christians we find ourselves repeatedly forced to make decisions. Despite much searching we frequently learn that the Bible does not give us a direct answer to our problems, but it does show us criteria by which we can examine our consideration of the matter.

In today’s verse from the psalms the writer requests God to teach him His way. So we should not ask what the best way in our view should be, but rather which way the Lord has in mind for us.

In Psalm 37, v. 5 we read: “Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.” We can bring our queries to the Lord Jesus in prayer. Then it is important to wait for His answer. In this way we learn patience and perseverance. We can experience the Lord’s reading only if we wait on Him and do not act overhastily according to our own judgment.

God will not reveal the entire way for our life beforehand. But through His Word He will show us the next step (cf. Psalm 119, 105). Then we can proceed along the stretch that He has indicated. At the appropriate time He will make further steps clear.

If we have taken a pathway in self-will, there is always the possibility to return. Let us then turn to the Lord in confession and repentance. His grace will bring us back on the right pathway.