Encounter with Jesus Christ

Jesus and His Disciples at the Last Supper
Jesus and His Disciples at the Last Supper by Martin LaBar is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

The two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus turned, and seeing them following, said to them, What do you seek? They said to him, Rabbi, …  where are you staying? He said to them, Come and see.

John 1, 37-39.

An encounter with Jesus Christ, the Son of God can change our life completely. Such a significant meeting is just as possible today as it was then, when Christ lived among men. 

Two men had heard of Him. Their interest had been awakened. They were at least sensible enough to investigate the truth of the report given to Him. The pair followed the Lord, something that He did not fail to notice. With His question, “What do you seek?” the Lord forestalled them. Much might have been said as an answer. Their reply, “Where are you staying?” may not have been the crux of their inquiry.

Now watching that unusual Person’s activity and hearing what He had to say for a whole day, as they had the opportunity, must have increased their knowledge of Him. Their impression was overwhelming: that modest carpenter from Nazareth spoke differently from other leading figures that they had known until then. With Him everything was true and genuine. There was no trace of vanity, but unselfishness and goodness instead. There was something extremely attractive about Him, although His ability to see through one was certainly sensed. He could read their hearts like a book. They were therefore convinced: their Messiah was indeed standing before them!

Today, too, everyone can come to know the Lord Jesus as the Son of God and as his personal Lord and Redeemer.