From darkness to light (1)

The LORD … brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps.

Psalm 40, 1.2

Admittedly, this text contains figurative language: “a horrible pit”, “out of the miry clay”. Does it mean anything to people in our 21st century? Most certainly – 100%!

At the beginning of my life I was naturally in neither a pit nor a morass. That came later. At first everything was in order.

I grew up in a normal family with joys and problems, big and small. Alongside work, celebrations played an important role in our family. Neither did religious matters come too short with me because of my grandmother. She often told stories of Jesus, who came from heaven to heal and save people. As a small boy I enjoyed those stories, especially the one about Peter walking on the water, then sinking and being rescued by Jesus’ saving hands. I used to go to church, was in the choir and played in the band. That went on until I was about fourteen.

Then came a period when I had other interests. Sometimes the sermon impressed me, but the pleasures of the world attracted me mightily. Consequently I gradually began to shake off the influence for good like discarding worn out clothes. I indulged in all the things for which God has a suitable word: sin. They consisted in alcohol, all-night parties, girls and rebellion against all that characterized a decent social system. I became entangled in pseudo-Marxism.