Have we forgotten God?

rosary on top of opened bible book
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Beware that you do not forget the LORD your God by not keeping his commandments, his judgments and his statutes. 

Deuteronomy, 8, 11.

Why does life often seem so difficult, like a constant struggle without any solution or end? Why are peace of heart, deep felt joy and genuine love so rarely met? Why is there so much disappointment? Why is there such a vacuum within us?

Doesn’t this all ensue because we have forgotten something important? This forgetfulness is so serious that the reason for our life being so oppressed and sad instead of joyful and lovely is easily explained: we have forgotten God! He has a right to the prime place in our lives. So it is vitally important that we think of Him, speak to Him and listen to Him. 

But who is God? How can we get to know Him? He is the Creator. We were made by Him and can perceive His greatness and wisdom in creation. and He is the Saviour-God. He revealed Himself fully when He sent His Son to this earth.

How did mankind react to this revelation of God? Jesus Christ was crucified by sinful men. That was far worse than forgetfulness. It signified the utter refusal of the Son of God, the rejection of God’s love towards all mankind.

Maybe you, too, have lost sight of God through the bustle of your life. But if you come to Him through Jesus Christ and tell Him that you wish to come to know Him, He will respond. He will give you heartfelt peace, and you will never forget Him again.