Jesus, the King of the Jews

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This is Jesus, the king of the Jews.

Matthew 27, 37.

The gospel according to Matthew

The New Testament begins with the four gospels that speak of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Sent by God, He became Man and came down to us. God was amongst us human beings.

But why are there four reports concerning Him? Because His Person and life on earth are unique, great and varied. The gospels describe His Person and His life from four distinct aspects. Together they present His character as He lived and ministered on earth.

The first gospel was written by Matthew. He was a tax collector who, before he began following Jesus, by no means enjoyed a good reputation. Afterwards he had a message for his compatriots, the Jews: this is your King, promised by the ancient prophets of Israel! And, in addition, the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

In his book Matthew wished to reach and convince the Jews that Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord, is their Messiah. Only a minority of his fellow citizens had accepted Him; therefore His kingdom had not yet come publicly. The prophets had already predicted this of Christ, and Matthew constantly quotes scriptures from the Old Testament to prove it.  

Nor does he conceal the fact that Christ will return and enter His reign in power and glory. Then He will judge all His enemies and establish a kingdom that will be characterized by righteousness and peace.