Leprosy of sin and Healing of Jesus

person holding brown wooden cross
Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Pexels.com

Now Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Syria, was a great and honourable man in the eyes of his master, … but a leper.

2 Kings 5, 1.

Naaman was indeed, a noteworthy, high-ranking officer. His military successes had brought him much respect. His position was exceptional, his personality acknowledged. If only the Bible didn’t add that phrase: “but a leper”! This terrible disease was clearly at a stage where he could still conceal it. In the Bible leprosy is an illustration of sin. Decent people are fairly good at hiding their sin, just as Naaman could his leprosy – but it was there all the same!

Nowadays many people ask, “What does sin matter? Anything enjoyable is permissible, provided it doesn’t harm anyone.” And even if it exceeds this limit, it can be concealed. It is nobody else’s business. It is a private matter.

In Naaman’s case somebody close to him did dare to mention the problem. It was a young captive, a servant girl who worked in his household. She not only pointed out the obvious disease, she also had some advice. She spoke of God’s prophet, who might well heal Naaman. Anyone who looks up today’s verse in the Bible can find out how things proceeded. The cure came once that great man got off his high horse and no longer glossed over his trouble, but took the prophet’s advice.

Today, too, there is One who can cure the “leprosy” of sin.: Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. He died on the cross of Calvary for the sins of all who put their faith in Him. Whoever comes to Him, confessing his guilt of sin, obtains forgiveness and is healed of the “leprosy” of sin.