Freedom from Satan

Jericho, Israel – November 2, 2015: Organized baptism for group of pilgrims in river of Jordan, the place which is believed that Jesus was baptized

They went out to see what it was that had happened. Then they came to Jesus and saw the one who had been demon-possessed … sitting and clothed and in his right mind.

Mark 5:14.15.

This demon-possessed man was known throughout the whole region. Whoever met him could reckon with the worst: he would attack haphazardly. They had naturally tried to get him under control, but he freed himself again and again from any shackle with superhuman strength. And he was not only a danger to others; he would injure himself and cut himself with stones. Wild, naked and screaming, he liked to stay among the tombs in the rocks and on the mountains. He was a fearful figure!

One day Jesus came to that district, and the man ran towards him. But instead of attacking Him, He fell on his knees before Jesus. The Lord ordered the unclean spirit to come out. That was the cause of his awful behaviour: demons, evil spirits, had taken possession of him. And it was not just one, that would have been bad enough – there were many of them. But whether they liked it or not, they had to submit to the power of the Son of God and abandon the man. 

In an instant the man was a changed being. A little later people saw him clothed and sitting sensibly with Jesus, listening to him. Once again it became evident that the Son of God was stronger than the devil and his demons. Today, too, Christ wishes to free everyone who suffers under the power of Satan and sin. Even if it is not a matter of demonic compulsion, everyone is under the power of sin within us. The Son of God alone can free us from it. He wants to make you free and happy, too!