The Power of the Bible

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The word of God is living and powerful. All scripture is given by inspiration of God.

Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16.

A mnemonic is a word or phrase that jogs our memory, or enables us to understand something. Here is an example: BIBLE – Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Many people disregard the Bible completely, yet they know that everyone is doomed to die. Most people also wonder what happens after death. Is there an after-life? If so, where is it spent?

However you yourself react to these questions, please read on. God, who created the human race, has not left us in ignorance as to these matters. The Bible informs us, among other things, about God Himself and the nature of the deity in its aspect of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God’s purpose with the earth He created and with all mankind. The true character of each human being, whatever his nationality, social standing, education or estimation of himself. The judgment that God will mete out on the human race for sins committed. 

The grace God has shown in giving His Son to bear the judgment for those who put their faith in Him. The future, whether heaven for believers or hell for unbelievers, and the conditions under which both groups will spend both this life and the after-life.

Shouldn’t everyone be interested to find out these things? We can do so only by reading the Bible. We should be grateful to God for giving us His Word, so that we do not continue in ignorance.