One Encounter with Jesus can change you.


The two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus turned, and seeing them following, said to them, what do you seek? they said to him, Rabbi …where are you staying ? he said to them, come and see. John 1:37-39.

An encounter with Jesus Christ , the son of God, can transform our entire life. Such a significant meeting is just as possible today as it was then when Jesus lived among the people.

Two men had heard about him. Their interest in him had been awakened. They were at least intent on checking whether the news concerning him was correct. The two followed the Lord, which had not gone unnoticed. With His question, what do you seek, He anticipated them. Much could have been said on that score. Maybe their answer where are you staying was not the essential thing they wanted to know.

Seeing what that unusual person did the whole day long, how he behaved and spoke we learn more and more about the Lord. That couple had this opportunity for a whole day. Their impression was overwhelming. That modest Carpenter from Nazareth spoke differently from other normal people they had met so far. In him everything was genuine and true: not a trace of vanity instead unselfishness and kindness. He radiated great attraction although one felt he could see through one. He could read their hearts like a book. They were convinced ; it was their Messiah standing before them.

Everyone can get to know the Lord Jesus even today as his own personal Lord and Redeemer.