Practise what you preach!

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As many as received him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in his name.

John 1:12.

A theologian once watched a sandwich man in London going around carrying advertisements for a certain restaurant. The large letters on his boards recommended the menu. The observer then noticed that the man himself was so famished that he could hardly walk. He was certainly not the best advertisement for what he was promoting!

It struck the theologian in a flash that he was no different from the sandwich man. He used to preach the message of Christ and salvation, but had not availed himself of it. It prompted him to receive the Lord Jesus into his own life.

If the preaching of the gospel cannot make true believers of us, then neither will our attendance at church services succeed. A Christian is not someone who simply belongs to a Christian fellowship. Membership of a church or chapel is possible without one having a personal relationship with God.

The example of that theologian demonstrates what is necessary. We have to accept God’s offer, the good news, for ourselves. This can only happen by our receiving Jesus Christ, the Saviour sent by God, into our lives. Whoever places his trust in Christ and His death on the cross enters into a personal relationship with God. From that moment he can know God as his Father. So let us ask ourselves the question: am I a true Christian, or not?