September 20, Thursday

The Taking of Christ
 by Caravaggio, 1602.

Their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing them.

Romans 2:15.

Nowadays many people have, to a large extent unfortunately, shut their inner ears to the voice of their conscience. How could they otherwise sleep far from God so peacefully, instead of being plagued by the thought of getting right with God?

The following anecdote deals with this subject:

The judge asks the counsel for the defence, “Have you anything to say in the accused’s favour?” – “Yes,” replies the lawyer, “I would ask for one fact to be considered in the verdict: my client is deaf; so he was unable to hear the voice of his conscience.”

This is, of course, a joke. But it has a serious background. It is not physical hearing that is in question, but our conscience, which many muffle or silence. – a fateful matter! However, sometimes that voice affects us, unasked and unexpectedly. Then long forgotten matters re-emerge: unfaithfulness, dishonesty, envy, evil thoughts …

Then, at the latest, it is time to listen to God’s prosecutor, as our conscience has been designated, and inquire after the way of salvation. Everything can be put in order, even our worst wrongs, and that before the Judge of the highest of all courts: God Himself. For this reason he sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins. But we must believe in Him, confessing our sins, holding nothing back before Him. Seen in this light, this is a tremendous offer by God. But the point is: will you accept it?

Image: By Caravaggio – Self-scanned, Public Domain,