September 24, Monday

Isaac blessing his son, as painted by Giotto di Bondone

I will go.

Genesis 24:58.

These words of Rebecca’s sound like a drum beat! In a few hours her life was changed completely. Before, there was housework, drawing water, feeding the camels. Afterwards, a journey with a virtually unknown servant and guide to an unknown destination to join the husband who was also unknown.

One can make such a change only if one is dreadfully frustrated or totally convinced. Genesis 24 gives no indication of the former state. Our impression is that her decision came from her firm conviction. Rebecca had heard the guest’s report, learned about Isaac and his wealth, of which she had the proof in her hands. She imagined his person to be vividly before her. When asked, “Will you go?” she replied confidently, “I will go.” In our day such a procedure seems unimaginable.

Yet God has spread out His treasures before us. He has made His promises known. He shows us how to escape eternal death. He speaks of His greatest treasure: Jesus Christ, His only beloved Son, whom He sent into this world to die on the cross for us. Through Him He offers everyone salvation and eternal life. These precious things God reveals to us and asks us, “Will you go and take possession of what I am offering you?”

What will our answer be? Are we ready to leave old ways behind and venture to take on something new? Are we ready to set out to get to know Jesus Christ? Isaac was waiting for Rebecca, and she came. God is waiting for us.

Image: By Giotto – The Yorck Project (2002) 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (DVD-ROM), distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH. ISBN: 3936122202., Public Domain,