The authority and grace of the Son of God

Biblical vector illustration series, Jesus feeds the five thousand or feeding the multitude

The officers answered, No man ever spoke like this man!

John 7:46.

The Lord Jesus, the Son of God, lived a perfect life as a Man here on earth. Sin was not in him. He neither committed any sin, nor did He know it from personal experience. Therefore He was totally distinct from the rest of men through His thinking and His actions as well as through His sayings. John had already said of Him: “He whom God has sent speaks the words of God”, and the Lord had Himself testified that His words were “spirit and life” and that He spoke what He had seen with His Father (cf. John 3:34; 6:63; 8:38).

The Lord Jesus always spoke through the power of the Holy Spirit. He knew men’s hearts and saw their hidden motives. And by means of His words He dealt with their manifold needs, in particular the condition of their hearts. Everyone to whom He showed grace was thus comforted, instructed, admonished or even justified.

Everyone who wished to do the will of God and listened to the Saviour of the world was convinced of the divine wisdom and insight and the infinite love that His words revealed. Their hearts and consciences were addressed simultaneously: the hearer was placed in God’s light. In spite of this, the high priests and scribes would not acknowledge Him to be the Son of God. Children of God, however, who have recognized Christ as the One whom the Father sent, love and honour Him. Together with the psalmist they confess that “grace is poured upon your lips” (Psalm 45:2).