The cross stands upright

Stained glass window in a Catholic church depicting St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome sitting “Upon this rock,” a reference to Matthew 16:18. Most present-day Catholics interpret Jesus as saying he was building his church on the rock of the Apostle Peter and the succession of popes which claim Apostolic succession from him.

Remember that Jesus Christ … was raised from the dead.

On this rock I will build my church.

2 Timothy 2:8; Matthew 16:18.

On the Chinese coast on the summit of a hill overlooking the enclave of Macao a gigantic cathedral had been erected by the Portuguese. All that now remains is a facade dominated by a giant cross. Surging seas, so frequent at this point, have caused numerous shipwrecks, but that high, upright cross, such a good landmark, has guided many endangered sailors to a safe refuge.

What an apt illustration of the present state of the Christian world this ruined cathedral is! It symbolizes the entire organised system with its hierarchy, which man has established. It appears powerful and immense; however, among those who call themselves Christians, where is genuine, living faith to be found? What has ruined this spiritual edifice is less attacks from outside, but rather moral laxity and political and human elements that have become the substitute for the Word of the Lord. Nevertheless there remains this testimony of something unique in the history of mankind: a cross on which the Saviour of the world died. A cross that remains visible to all whose lives have been shipwrecked. Miraculously it leads them, time and time again, to firm land, the safe and sure rock that is Christ, the Son of God.

By faith we must look to Him who was laden with and has atoned for the sins of all who believe in Him. Submitting to the punishment that we deserved, Jesus obtained eternal salvation for us. And all whom He has saved Jesus adds to His church, which He is building on the rock.

Image: By Nheyob – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,