Paul Kattupalli MD

Physician and Christian speaker, Paul Kattupalli MD was born in Tenali, India in a humble family. He came to the saving knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ after investigating the theological, scientific, philosophical, historical and experiential aspects of the nature of reality.

His parents, K.Yohan and Rajabai, went Home to be with the Lord after serving many years as His servants in Andhra Pradesh, India. Paul studied MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) at Guntur Medical College, Guntur, AP.

He moved to the United States in 2001 to continue his medical career. He did internship in Psychiatry at Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, New York, and residency in Family Medicine at Altoona Regional Health System, Altoona, PA. He became a Board Certified Physician in 2010, by American Board of Family Physicians. Now, he works as a full time medical doctor and evangelist. His primary interests are Medical Missions, Evangelism, Church building and Christian Apologetics.

Medical missions: Providing quality health care to all individuals with medical needs.

Evangelism: Preaching the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to lost souls. Paul preached one gospel message every week, either in English (Defender’s Voice) or in Telugu (Prema Sandesham).

Church building: Paul’s father K.Yohan and mother Rajabai established many churches across India. Paul is now working to edify these churches and plant new churches for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. He speaks in the Annual Bible Conference every February in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh.

Christian Apologetics: Paul believes that while keeping our faith, God wants us to see His evidences around us to glorify His name, to love Him and to follow Him with convictions. Paul’s primary passion is to defend Christian faith in the marketplace of competing worldviews and ideas, ranging from atheism, Darwinism, materialism, comparative religion, cults, medical ethics, logic and philosophy. His website now attracting readers from 30 countries on a daily basis.

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  1. Dear bro in christ,my name is johndeena kumar b,working as a high school teacher in bengaluru,since 25 years,permanent resident of jolar just 67 km from blr,i hv 1daughter finalyear MBBS in rajarajeshwari medical college blr nd son1st year intermediate,we hv our own breeder poultry at hindupur tq ananthpur district,my job is a govt job,my grandfather late charlesjayappa he was a walking concordance in bible,he taught me all bible prophecy in 1982,basically we r methodist Christian,i heard many sermons in shubhavartha,one nd only person u only explain d prophecies systematically,being a science nd mathematics teacher i have explained many many scientific things from d bible to many of my students nd friends,iam nt a preacher like u but god revealed all things through my grandfather,ur teaching is so good, one secret my grand father revealed me 1 one god 2,one saviour 3 one truth 4 one language 5 one color 6 one continent 7 one religion,my grandfathers future gods kingdom,please gothrogh this concept bro,god vl reveal many more things from u, please remember me in ur prayer yours loving bro in christ

    1. Thank you John for your comment. I am happy to learn about family, your grandfather Mr.Charles Jayappa and his influence on your life and your family. God bless your family. I will pray for you: Paul

  2. Dear Dr Paul
    I came accross your sermons on the website. I just finished listening to your last sermon on Islam and Manchester. It was very good. Very informative and well explained. Thank you.

  3. Dear Bro. in Christ, I just finished reading your book “Last Days”. I was tremendously blessed with your book.
    Thank you,

  4. Greetings Sir,
    I am Vara prasad completed civil Engg. I am very happy to inform all my friends and family members about your God’s word (messeges) which it was given by the God’s gift to you, that these (messeges) are Purely, entirely with full of science and technological knowledge with wonderful proofs form the scientists, Historians, mathematicians and in all aspects of view. I also very thankful to you that theological knowledge was being supplied in our own language (Telugu) that makes us easy to understand and makes the thoughts easy about God’s word.
    Small thing I want to say that I also fear about my messege which it will lead you to any proud. Hopefully understand and I am thankful to God which the burden given to you about God’s word which gives life for the world ……………..
    Thank You.

  5. This morning I happened to listen to your talk on subhavartha. May God continue to use you for His golry and for His kingdom is my sincere prayer. God bless you. Pl let us know where we can get your books or literature. Thanks.

  6. Praise the LORD brother, I am so thankful to our LORD JESUS. Your messages are very good. your explanations with Historical facts are very nice.

  7. prise the lord sir.your mesages are very fentastic and explanations historical facts are extradinari. remember me for ur daily prayer than q Br.

  8. Praise the lord sir..
    I hav watched ur programmes ..
    Very encouraging for young to stand for gor.i hav called by Godfor fulltime.i left my gov post VAS.
    That time ur messages r enthusiastic to my stand.
    Thank you sir.God bless you

  9. I have watched your wonderful message s in YouTube. These are marvellous. All doubts are disappeared. Thank you so much. Praise the lord

  10. Brother, meru hitler,stalin valla gurinchi message cheppinappudu, mundhu “KRUTHAGNATHAN TALA VANCHI” anee song naaku chaaalaa nachindi kodhigaa naku a asong ni mail cheesthaaraaa?? naa mail
    sir naku maa daddy ki aa song baagaa ishtam. song mail cheyyandi.Thanku

  11. Brother Praise the Lord.
    Sorry to hear demise of mother. But we hope, will see her again in heaven. I Praise God often for your you and ministry in TV and secular. I have been watching your shubhavarha and Araadhana episodes without missing. I am very fond of your topical messages and the way you deliver them are awesome.(Memory) These days many are thronging to appear in TV but not focusing Bible rather theirs individual empires to expand. But you and few are really focusing on word of God and me and many are blessed with spiritual nourishment. We watch your messages along with our family putting aside all works and blessed. We will be praying for you. Thanks.
    CHRISTOPHER from Kurnool AP

    1. Hello! Dr. Paul ! I am so happy to find this site. I do not know if you remember me, Brother Angelo from our time at Bible Seminary in Central Florida. I am still in Italy ( up in the hills of Rome *Lativm still preaching and teaching truth from God’s Holy Word just as you. I hope you are doing well. Keep strong and faithful my friend. Much love! – Angelo

      1. Hi brother Angelo, how are you doing brother? You used to say that you are burdened for Italy. And blessed you by fulfilling that desire. Where exactly do you live in Italy?

  12. Bro just I saw your message on aaradana TV about whale,, so inspiring,, Jonah was in it’s womb for 3days&3nights,but our lord was not like that Friday kept in tomb, Sunday he rose, pl clarify if your time permits, thanq bro, Sunil Kumar,, Kurnool

  13. I believe the correct solution has been voiced by Dr James Boice, a 20th century Bible scholar and pastor in of a large church in Philadelphia, USA.

    The link is

    Here is an excerpt: “…two Sabbaths were involved in this last week of Christ’s earthly ministry. One was the regular weekly Sabbath, which always fell on Saturday. The second was an extra Passover Sabbath, which, in this particular week, must have come on a Friday.
    It needs to be said, in case it is not entirely self-evident, that the Passover Sabbath always came on the fifteenth of the month of Nisan and would therefore naturally fall on different days of the week in different years, as Christmas does in our day. However, it was always observed as a Sabbath. In my reconstruction Jesus would have been crucified on Thursday and would have been raised from the dead sometime before dawn on Sunday morning.”

  14. Praise the lord sir
    Myself REENA BHARATHI,doing my 1st year medicine in ACSR govt medical college, and my family were going through your every message.really we praise god for blessing you with abundant knowledge.there is a small request sir can I get a chronological order list of all the prophets in the old testament along with the years they lived as if it is not there in exact order in the bible.

    1. Thanks Reena, I appreciate you taking time from your medical studies and exploring the Word of God. I can send you the Chronological List of all prophets. Please send me your email. Thanks

  15. Doctor Paul please help as advice me on how to treat my 8yrs old son who has HPS disease here in Nigeria

    1. Hello, sorry to hear about your son’s condition; HPS is a serious disease. I recommend your son to be in intensive care unit so that he wont develop respiratory distress.

    1. Dear Uday, please check at Christian Truth Book Room in Tenali or in Vijayawada or Secunderabad YMCA for my books. Thanks brother. God bless you

  16. Praise the Lord sir i am watching your messages in subhavaartha tv really it is really revival meassages where christains are getting more assurance towards christ …. sir please do your video on “shroud of turin”

  17. praise the lord
    my name is prasad. i have been watching your meassages in subhavartha channel sir . indeed it is giving us more strength to settle in our lord and savior jesus christ recently i listened about burial cloth of Jesus i.e shroud of turin .when i was searching about shroud iam not getting proper and reliable results .and some of are saying it is burial cloth of jesus and some of are saying it is not so we are not knowing what to believe sir……please do a video message regarding to shroud of turin please sir praise the lord

  18. Hello. Dear Paul , Sorry to hear about Uncle Yohan garu, He is very kind and nice person, we missed such a wonderful man.

  19. Sir iam an Advocate,practising since 2000,from onwards,I,haven’t any improvement in my profession,is there any solution from Jesus christ

    1. Dear Aravind, first things first. Jesus died for your sins. First he wants to save you from your sins and to forgive you. Later, you can ask him to help you in your professional life. Hope this helps. Thanks

  20. GOD bless the work of your hands Dr Paul. Let our LORD JESUS CHRIST alone be magnified as you minister both- your medical profession and what GOD has called you for (preaching of the gospel, apologetic, etc). We thank GOD for you.

  21. I believe Ravi was emotionally traumatized from his father’s continual barrage of verbal /physical abuse and extreme rejection throughout his childhood. Maybe this is one reason Ravi became so obsessed with trying to win his father’s approval, even if it was by fabricating then trying to disprove Oscar’s dire prophecy of bringing “shame on the family name”.
    I knew Ravi in his earlier years from Bible College…as a friend. I have shared my personal memories about him, in an recent article I wrote for Steve Baughman. I believe Ravi became a malignant N.P.D or maybe worse, if we dig a little deeper into his double life in Asia. In some ways I also feel compassion for the unlucky cards he was dealt as a child growing up in such a dysfunctional environment.
    Dzintra Pequegnat

  22. Dr. Paul,

    Knowing full well that with GOD there are no coincidences, I was happy to have found your website in search of reasons for the demise of RZIM. Your thoughts and insights into Ravi’s ‘friends’ post mortem attacks and denials says much about our human condition. Forgiveness seems to be a very hard thing for us to comprehend. GOD knows this and continually reminds of this in HIS WORD. As I grow in CHRIST I intend to not only visit your website regularly but eventually contributing to your work for OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Thanks again for your ministry and may GOD continue to bless and enhance your service.

    1. Thank you Carl. I am happy that you are not angry at me for expressing my views on Ravi. God bless you brother.

  23. I just wanted to say that I was deeply moved and inspired by your film opus, ‘Clash in the College’. I myself struggle with these political, cultural, and social issues on a daily basis. You have a quite dignity about you. May God grant you strength during your endeavors.

  24. I came across your writing on Anne Graham Lotz’s False teaching on Female Pastors. As a female, I have struggled with this idea of women pastors in our society today. I do not believe women should be pastors. The Bible is God’s word. We cannot twist it and interpret it to mean what we want it to mean to suit our selfish desires. Thank you for what you wrote. I look forward to visiting your website more often. You are doing great tremendous work.

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