Hawaii turns to Paganism

Volcanoeruption2.pngEarthquakes…..Volcano eruptions….rivers of hot lava flowing….thousands of people fleeing….power stations are being destroyed. In the midst of this chaos and destruction, people are turning to Madame Pele, the goddess of volcanoes. They are hula dancing around volcanoes, offering sacrifices and some are rejoicing even as their homes are being destroyed because they think that goddess Pele has visited their homes. Folks, this is the power of paganism on the beautiful Big Island.

As we read in Romans chapter 1, people in our time have abandoned the Creator God and are worshiping the creation. God is distinct from this material world. He manifested to us in the person of Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray that Hawaiians will leave this Madame Pele worship and come to Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior.

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