Atheists more religious than Christians ?

A recent Pew study questioned the beliefs of 25000 people across 15 nations and found some interesting but sad facts. The study showed ‘nones’ in America have more faith than even Christians in some countries like Germany, France and Italy. It stated that

Western Europe, where Protestant Christianity originated and Catholicism has been based for most of its history, has become one of the world’s most secular regions.

What are the reasons behind this unbelief? At the top of the list, we have

Higher criticism: Western Europe rejected the divine inspiration of the Bible and rejected the Word of God. It embraced man-made philosophies as guide to the future. Marxism, Darwinism, deism, fascism, Nazism, environmentalism, moral relativism and countless other isms were born in this region.

In today’s Europe, there is only cultural or ethnic Christianity, not Biblical Christianity. No wonder ‘nones’ in America are more religious than Christians.

God’s word is life, when we reject it we embrace confusion, decline and decay.

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