G.K.Chesterton, Anti-Semitism and Miracles

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English writer and poet G.K.Chesterton is being considered for sainthood. The Bishop of Northampton, Peter Doyle, is preparing a report in the process of canonization. Many Jewish groups started to protest this decision because in his writings Chesterton called the Jews, ‘capitalists of their age’, ‘traitors’, ‘tyrants’ etc. He also contested the innocence of Alfred Dreyfus, the French officer in famous Dreyfus affair that shook France and Europe at the end of 19th century.

I agree, GK should never have called the Jews such names. But, I protest the sainthood for Chesterton for different reason: It is not scriptural. Every Christian becomes a saint when he or she accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and get saved. Elevating certain individuals to sainthood is another superstition Catholic Church fabricated and promulgated for many centuries.

Infertile couples are not being asked to pray to Chesterton to ask for ‘miracle conceptions’. Needless to say, those prayers would be a total waste of time. Chesterton is dead and gone. He is now in heaven. He is not going to listen to any prayers. We pray only to God in the name of Lord Jesus, never to a saint or an angel.

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