Philippine’s Dictator: “I will resign if anyone can prove God through a selfie”

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President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte found some time to attack theism in between his killings of thousands of young men without a due judicial process. He has offered to resign if anyone can take a selfie with God to prove he exists. He states he does not believe in a God who intervenes, “Otherwise there would be no widespread injustice: hunger, killings, and all”.

Let me give you two arguments for the existence of God from his own words:

  1. Cosmological Argument: You see, even if God really appeared in your smartphone photo, it would be no evidence to prove the ‘real’ God really appeared in your selfie! Any one could refute your selfie evidence stating, ‘that could have been an alien’.   God established the evidence for his existence through rationality and revelation. Your smartphone has a beginning and a Creator. Universe is no different. It has a beginning and a Creator. Atheists say it has a beginning and no Creator. That is irrational and silly. A smartphone could not create itself. Universe is no different.
  2. Moral argument: Duterte says, ‘If God really exists, there would be no widespread injustice, hunger, killings and all’. Wow!! We should commend his chutzpah for calling God stupid, absent and unjust while he himself has been unjustly killing thousands upon thousands of Philippine young men and women through starvation and shootings. If there is no God, there would be nothing wrong with anything Duterte does to his people. In naturalism, it is all raw power. Whatever is, is right. There would never be any ‘ought to be’s in a Godless world. To call certain things evil, there must be certain things which are good. There must be objective moral values to differentiate good and evil. Otherwise, what is evil to someone would be good to some one else. The world called Holocaust ‘evil’, but not Nazis. Without objective moral values, nothing would be evil. And objective moral values can only exist if God exists. Ironically, atheists need God to complain about all the evil present in our world!

Then, he can also look into the life of Christ.

3. Christian argument: If there anyone who suffered more injustice than Jesus on the Cross? Yet, God brought good out of the evil experienced by Jesus: our salvation. Through his miracles and resurrection, Jesus gave us the best evidence for God’s existence.

Sorry, Mr.Duterte, God does not show up as you demand through selfies and snack bars. The Great God of the universe revealed in his own way to his creatures.

Let us hope President Duterte repents of his sins and accept Jesus as his Savior before it is too late; before he stands before God, the Great Judge of the Universe.


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