David Cameron Criticizes Trump

In a speech given to Indian Chamber of Commerce, Former British PM David Cameron said,

“Listening to Trump makes me feel that it is a clash between Christianity and Islam. It is wrong”.

Cameron said the clash is within Islam – between the civilised ones who want to practice their faith peacefully and those who had taken a radicalised and perverted view of the religion.

He described this as a global phenomenon: “Terrorism did not surface only in the Middle East. It also surfaced in Afghanistan, Pakistan and even in India and Britain”.

Cameron parroted the same politically correct view of Islam like his buddy Barack Obama and George

W. Bush. They think that true and peaceful majority Islam was hijacked by a minority radicals. The clash is within Islam, not without.

The truth is the clash is both without and within.

1. Clash Without: Islam started in A Clash Without. Muhammed declared a global war on infidels right at the birth of Islam. His followers went on to fight and conquer Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Buddhists etc. Islamic theology right from Quran calls for this subjugation of infidels. So, the clash between Islam and other religions is inevitable. The orthodox Islam starts with clash without.

2. Clash Within: there are also clashes within Muslim groups, like between Sunnis and Shiites, Sunnis and Ahmadis, shiites and sufis etc. These clashes occur due to the fights over-to decide whose Islam is the right Islam. There are also peaceful Muslims who are ignorant of or who ignore Quranic injunctions to fight with infidels. These peaceful Muslims often become victims of orthodox and radical Muslims.

To summarize, orthodox Islam has two clashes. A clash without (with other religions) and a clash within (with other Islamic sects who do not conform to original Islam).

Let us hope our politicians understand these important facts about Islamic clashes.

How to respond?

True peace with God comes to us through Lord Jesus Christ and His cross. When we come to Christ and confess our sins, God forgives and gives us His peace. This spiritual peace has social consequences. We will practice peace with our neighbors after making peace with God through Christ. Let us pray Muslims will come to this knowledge because Islam’s clashes within and without are the result of it’s works based salvation. It believes in attaining salvation through a global conquest. But salvation comes to us through grace in Christ.

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