Anthony Hopkins: Atheist Conquers Alcohol through God

Anthony Hopkins scared the worldwide audience as Dr.Hannibal Lecter… a brilliant psychiatrist and a violent psychopathic cannibal in the movie The Silence of the Lambs.

This great English actor revealed that he was battling alcohol 40 years ago. He was an atheist. Then a woman told him 7 magic words: Why don’t you just trust in God?

The great atheist put away his pride for some time and asked God for help. He joined in Alcoholic Anonymous and conquered his addiction to alcohol.

Alcoholic Anonymous helped millions of people to come out of deadly addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. Beside medical and psychiatric sciences, they also focus on spiritual questions. Why are you here? What is the meaning and purpose of life? How does God give fulfillment in life? Such questions need to be answered for true orientation in life.

If we ask Jesus for help, he will not deny us. He said, Him that cometh to me I shall no wise cast Him out. Let us pray that more atheists follow in the footsteps of Anthony Hopkins, humble themselves and ask for help.

Lord Jesus Christ…the hope of the world.

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