Trump fights Turkey over US Pastor

There is a lot of Christian blood on the hands of Turkey. It used to be the world’s largest Christian nation. But since the birth of Islam, it came under the constant barrage of attacks from Muslim armies. And finally Anatolia transformed from a Christian nation to a Muslim caliphate. Constantinople and the great Hagia Sophia, once the Vatican of Orthodox Christianity were transformed into Muslim dominions.

The Ottoman turks slaughtered millions of Christians culminating in the genocide of over a million Armenians. Never repenting for its sins against Christians, Turkey is now persecuting its Christian minority and missionaries. Under Erdogan, Turkey is becoming like militant Islamic stronghold. Now Trump has taken a strong stand for US pastor Andrew Brunson. It is commendable that Trump has been defending persecuted Christians.

Gone are the days when President Obama went to Turkey and tried to flatter Erdogan saying ‘United States is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world’.

Hopefully Turkey will open its eyes to the light of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As long as it stays under Islam, the darkness will never leave the horizon.

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