Kenya: Atheists want a national holiday

Atheists in Kenya want a national holiday to celebrate atheism and human rights.

People celebrate national holidays to remember their past and to hope for the future.

For example, Christmas is to remember that God came to this world in the person of Jesus Christ and He will come again in the near future. Our hope is in Christ. And now we practice His teachings to the best of our abilities.

Atheism offers no such hope. It teaches this universe is an accident which came out without a Creator, human beings also products of accidental mutations and all morality is relative. Such a worldview is dangerous to the world particularly to Africa.

Christ’s teaching of compassion contributed enormously to the welfare of Africa. Atheists talk about bad things done by Christians in Africa. The atrocities committed in Africa by Christians are radically inconsistent with the teachings of Christ.

Atheist talk about human rights. They borrowed the idea of human rights from Christianity which teaches that we are created in the image of God and are endowed with sanctity, dignity and uniqueness of personhood. Atheism teaches we are just another animal and in atheistic worldview the ‘human rights’ have no logical foundation. Chimps attack other chimps and that is natural. Humans attack other humans and that is natural. Atheism can make no logical case for pacifism or human rights. Sanctity of the individual is possible only if God exists.

Atheism offers no hope for the future of Africa. Jesus Christ is the answer to Africa.

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