John McArthur under Attack

Pastor John McArthur and his colleagues recently made a statement on social justice on a special web site they created:

Many people have started to attack him for denying a role for social justice in the church. We should remember that as Christians our most important responsibility is to preach the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Every sinner must repent of his or her sins and trust in Lord Jesus as his or her personal Savior. But sadly many churches have left preaching the gospel of the cross and joined the bandwagon of social justice.

Social justice is a product of the gospel, not a part of the gospel: when men and women repent of their sins and adopt Christian worldview, social justice will come as a consequence of their transformation in Christ.

So, let us pray that churches in our time repent of their waywardness into social justice movement and preach the true New Testament gospel of Christ.

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