September 2018: Ministry Letter

Dear friends,

I have been busy in the last few weeks. On August 22, I went to India to visit my father K.Yohan, who has been suffering from multiple myeloma. We took him to Nagarjuna Hospital in Vijayawada. We met the oncologist to prepare a treatment plan for his cancer.

On August 25,26 we had Bible Conference in Tenali. Around two hundred brothers and sisters attended this conference. The Lord gave me the opportunity to present Bible expositions to the attendees. It was a great time of fellowship with the brethren and my family, my brothers Martin Luther, Matthew Henry, John Nelson and my sister Miriam.

On August 27, I went to Vijayawada and we recorded a Gospel Music CD. I sang 10 songs for this CD. I wrote and composed three of these ten songs. Once music editing is done, we will release this CD in October, 2018.

On August 28, we went to Pallekona. We spent some time around the grave of my mother, Rajabai, who went to be with the Lord in January this year. Then, we went to the home of Martin Luther, my eldest brother. After having dinner at his home, we headed to Tenali.

On August 30, we took my father to Vijayawada’s Nagarjuna Hospital. The doctor decided to restart his chemotherapy. With heavy hearts, we spent some time in singing and prayer. Then, after a sad good bye to my father, I headed to the airport.

It was not an easy entrance into my plane. AirIndia agent told me that they could not locate my ticket. I had to spend over 40 minutes calling the customer service of AirIndia and finally they got my ticket and let me board the plane. Then I flew to Delhi, and after a couple of hours, I boarded a plane to New York City.

It was a pleasant journey over all. After landing in New York, I took the megabus to go to State College.

I am very busy these days preparing to start a medical clinic in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Please pray for me: God’s direction in the ministry and medical office, safe travels on the roads, my new born son Samuel Raja and my wife Jessica.

When you get some time, please listen/watch to my new message: Can We Be Moral Without God? Please use the following links to access this message.

God’s richest blessings on you,

Paul Kattupalli

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