Thandie Newton: I don’t believe in God

While receiving her Emmy Award the British actress Thandie Newton declared “I don’t believe in God, but I’m going to thank her tonight”

These days it has become a fashion to declare your faith in atheism on high pedestals. Imagine a Christian actor said, ‘I believe in the God of the Bible and I’m going to thank him tonight’! All hell breaks lose.

God gave enough evidence of his existence through his creation, moral law and most evidently through the miraculous life and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. If that is not enough to believe in God, God is not obligated to attend to the whimsical desires of his creatures.

God is not her. God has revealed to us as ‘he’ and we should respect that. Now God is not a biological male. Bible says God is a spirit. And no one gives more dignity to woman than the God of the Bible.

Thandie Newton is exposing herself nudely on the big Television screens. Thandie, is that how you respect women?

Folks, that is what happens when people stop believing in God. They lose basic shame. Remember in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve realized their shamefulness when they realized that they violated the commandments of God. They recognized their nudity and clothed themselves. Why Hollywood actors like Thandie embracing nudity without shame? Because they rejected God.

But if they humble themselves, repent of their sins, Lord Jesus will forgive them and clothe them with the robes of righteousness.

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