Naloxone: Opioid Overdose Antagonist

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I think every one should familiarize themselves with Naloxone because it helps to save a person who overdosed with opioids.

Naloxone works on Heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone,fentanyl,methadone. Most heroin deaths occur in the presence of others. So, it helps to carry naloxone.

Naloxone saves lives. It blocks the opioids at receptor level.

In Pennsylvania, Act 139 David’s Law promotes the use of naloxone to treat opioid overdose.

Good Samaritan Statue covers people from liability.

Prescribing to First Responders: 

-First responders can do more than doing CPR.

-Act 139 David’s Law gives access to naloxone

-Law enforcement and fire fighters can now administer naloxone.

-First responders should be trained on the use of naloxone by a training program.

-After giving naloxone, patient should be given medical management by medical staff.

Working with the members of the community 

David’s law authorizes naloxone prescriptions to at-risk persons, their immediate family members.

Offer Naloxone to all patients on long-term opioid use. 

Indications for Naloxone:

1.History of substance abuse

2.Opioid Use

3. Starting methadone or buprenorphine for addiction.

4. Opioid patients in rural areas.

As the effects of opioids may outlast a single dose of naloxone, make

sure that the patient has access to at least two doses.

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How to Use Naloxone? 

Opioid Overdose Symptoms:

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Naloxone is administered in 3 forms: Intranasal kit, Autoinjector, and Needle

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Steps for Action

  1. Recognize the overdose
  2. Check for breathing
  3. Call 911
  4. Give rescue breaths if you can.
  5. Administer Naloxone.
  6. Stay until help arrives.

Friends, family, and others who find an overdose victim and contact emergency services are protected from civil liability under the Good Samaritan component of Act 139 provided that they remain with the overdosing individual until help arrives.

Prescribers are permitted to write a standing order for Naloxone to first responders such as a law enforcement or firefighter agency provided that the agency is licensed by the Department of Health or has entered into a written agreement with an emergency medical services agency.

When talking with patients and family about Naloxone and its potential life-saving benefits, it’s important to use language that does not portray a negative connotation or stigma.



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