Ray Comfort versus Penn Jillette

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Atheist Penn Jillette is not going to be in Ray Comfort’s new movie ‘The Banana Man’. Comfort said one of the questions Jillette asked was, ‘Who made God?” God is self-existing, eternal, uncaused being. Atheist Jillette found it hard to swallow. An eternal being? That is not possible. Off course, he has no problem believing in an eternal universe. Comfort exposed the illogical nature of Jillette’s atheism. Embarrassed, Jillette demanded the 10 minute interview of him must be removed from the movie lest Ray Comfort served with an expensive lawsuit. Ray Comfort relented and the scenes got deleted.

Not long ago, Jillette defended a New York artist’s right to put a crucifix in a jar of urine. He said,”I was a freedom of speech nut, and I thought that they absolutely should have the right to do whatever art they wanted”.  This great ‘freedom of speech nut’ is now scared of the logical arguments of Ray Comfort put forward in the defense of God.

On A Path to Depravity: From bananas to bright stars, the creative wisdom and goodness of God is evident in the nature. But atheists harden their hearts and give themselves over to their own lusts. Over the years, Penn Jillette walked  down on the Roman’s Road of Human Depravity. The Bible describes in Romans chapter 1, how human beings first reject God, his Holy Commandments and then start worshiping their bodies, self will and degenerate into moral and sexual depravity. We can see this path clearly in the life of Penn Jillette. He is now making masturbation devices named Jill-Jet, shooting nude videos and advocating legalization of all illicit drugs.

A Brush with Death: After his conversation with Ray Comfort, Jillette walked into traffic and almost got hit by a car. After driving on a highway a few times, I realized we all live on borrowed time on this planet. The moment our heart stops, we enter into eternity. There are only two places where we spend our eternity: Heaven and Hell. Those who die without their sins forgiven enter into an eternity of damnation in hell. Those who die after accepting Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord will enter into an eternity of joy in heaven. Let us pray and hope Jillette will realize the truth before it is too late.


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