Mike Pence’s daughter, once an atheist, comes back to Jesus

Charlotte Pence came with a book titled Where You Go: Lessons from my father. She says that she became an atheist when she went to study at Oxford University.

She struggled with her faith and ignored God,Bible and Jesus for a while. Her dad, current US Vice President Mike Pence, and her mum showed unconditional love to Charlotte. That love brought her back to Jesus.

You see, a recent study showed that most common reason Christians leave their faith is the lack of love in their relationships, especially from their parents.

She did not find any reason or comfort in atheism: universe is an accident, human beings are accidental apes evolved without any purpose, life has no meaning, you creat your own morality, there is no existence beyond grave – these pet beliefs of atheism did not convince or comfort her. She came back to Jesus who gave her love, relationship,meaning, and hope which goes beyond the grave.

May God bless her and raise more young men and women like her in our generation!

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