Pastor James MacDonald goes to court

Pastor James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel filed a lawsuit this month against Ryan Mahoney and Scott Bryant, who run the bog, The Elephant’s Debt.

Pastor MacDonald’s main contention is these bloggers reported the financial mismanagement at the Harvest. It is not scriptural to take fellow Christians to courts over church related matters. Pastor James is going after ex-members of his own church. This sets an ugly precedent of pastors going after their own sheep if they criticize them in the future. This will give a serious blow to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience in America and around the world, beside having an effect on the number of people becoming members of a congregation.

‘I lost 2000 members in 2013’: Pastor MacDonald cries that he lost 2000 members because of this blog’s criticism. So what? People have freedom to choose their church. The problem is megachurches are becoming like megabusinesses. ‘We lost 2000 customers’, such business like mentality encroached into many churches. A Church is a place for the leadership of Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. But they were displaced by charismatic pastors and elders in our congregations.

Often an atheist judge presides over these legal cases in the courts and lampoons our faith. I think Christians should settle their disputes in a loving manner between the church walls rather than dragging their brethren to secular courts. Peace!

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