WFLA closed on Facebook

Many atheists are heartbroken because their Facebook Page WFLA has been shut down by Facebook. They are now protesting with the following petition:

We Fucking Love Atheism ( ) is a large atheist community page with over 690,000 followers. The page represents more than 6 years of daily hard work, tears, sacrifice, and energy, countless hours spent creating and sourcing content, news, and more for our following.

On November 4th, Facebook unpublished our page, giving us no reason why except for a generic message stating that we had violated their community standards. No specific infraction was given. We have appealed the decision, but have not been given a response at the time of writing this.

We are completely heartbroken. There are all sorts of pages on Facebook that promote horrific, hateful ideas, from Nazis to incels, paedos and everything in between. We’ve reported so many over the years, as we are sure you have too, only to have Facebook tell us that their hate speech is not a violation of their “Policies”.

Let us see one by one:

1.horrific, hateful ideas, from Nazis to incels, paedos and everything in between: to call an idea horrible we are calling upon some standards. But whose standards? By Nazi standards, White Nationalism is perfectly okay. By pedophile standards, pedophilia is admirable. By Facebook standards, what they did is perfect. If every one lives by their own standards, nothing is ‘horrible’. If every one has the right to live by their own standards, there is nothing to complain about Facebook, because they applied their own standards to atheists. But we all know in our hearts that that is not how life works. There must be objective standards, a ‘third source’. Only God can give us standards which objectively categorize certain things as evil and certain things as good. Ironically by protesting Facebook standards or policies, atheists are affirming the existence of God.

2. Note the name of their group: WFLA. A generation ago, people would be appalled just by the name of the group using an F word so openly on a social media page.

Without God, nothing is profane. Previously profane words become acceptable because when God disappears profanity reigns the conversations.

Their throat is an open sepulchre

Romans 3:13

Without God, His holiness, and presence, our mouths become like open graves. Atheists openly use profane words like F, because without God, F words become normal.

Let us hope while grieving the loss of their Facebook page, atheists might come to their senses and turn to God. Peace!

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