Ilhan Omar’s Hijab

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Ilhan Omar is all over the news now because of her anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments. Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News caused a controversy by stating that Ilhan Omar’s hijab is indicative of her adherence to sharia law. There is nothing wrong with Judge’s words. It is the sharia law that dictates that all Muslim women should wear the hijab.

United States is not a Christian nation by Constitution. But it is the Judaism and Christianity which supplied the cultural and legal foundations for the worldview which established the United States. The Bible is at the core of the America’s foundation. That is why the law makers take their oath on the Bible. Ilhan Omar took her oath on the Quran wearing a hijab. This is unprecedented in America’s history.

This is a kind of ‘soft jihad’. The ‘hard jihad’ is fighting America with real violence. Soft jihad is entering its public institutions like Congress, White House, Courts as lawmakers and subverting its foreign and domestic policies from within.

How should we respond? The problem is more and more Americans are becoming ignorant of the Bible and Christian gospel. They should return to their Christian roots. Otherwise, likes of Ilhan Omar will take over their country and soon it will be too late even to recover their nation.

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