Atheist New Zealand Prime Minister does not repent


The world is shocked to see how a lone man went into a mosque and killed 50 people. Of all places, this happened in New Zealand, a nation with exquisite beauty and with lowest murder rates in the world. Why is this nation going in this path? How is this nation going to confront terrorism and violence?

Yet the atheist New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did not take a moment to pray. She did not call her nation to repentance and faith in God, who is their only hope. She gave a thousand passionate speeches condemning violence but never mentioned God even once. Without fear of God and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, how is she going to help her nation?

With rising atheism, the lives of Western young men and women are empty. They are filling their empty souls with all kinds of garbage from drugs, pornography, sex, violence, racial superiority, antisemitism etc. They should come to one true stream of life, the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us hope Jacinda will open her eyes and ask God for forgiveness and faith in Lord Jesus Christ!

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