Andy West: Don’t pray for Christians killed in Sri Lanka

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A British reality TV star Andy West sent this tweet after the killing of over 321 individuals mostly Christians in Sri Lanka church bombings by Islamic State terrorists.

“There is no excuse for terror attacks against innocent people but as a journalist I saw Western Christian missionaries unscrupulpusly [sic] converting Buddhist orphans for food and shelter after the Asian tsunami. Don’t send your prayers”

It seems he is more outraged by Christian missionaries giving charity and asking people to believe in Jesus than Islamic terrorists blowing up those converts into pieces. The lives of Buddhist orphans now worshiping Jesus in a church don’t mean much to Andy West.

So, Christians converted Buddhists and now Muslims blowing up Christians, so don’t feel sad about it. I find it hard to find any logic in his thinking. It is like saying don’t feel bad when children are killed in Manchester bombing by Muslim terrorists because an American singer Ariana Grande came to entertain those kids.

Every religion, including atheism, makes more followers by converting others to its creed. In India, Sri Lanka and many other nations around the world the poorest of the poor are often sidelined from the mainstream. In India, millions of Dalits are called untouchables and completely mistreated and abused by mainstream society. Missionaries are the last best hope to these people.

Late Christopher Hitches used to attack Mother Teresa. Her crime was to reach out to children living in extreme poverty. He was angered because she converted people to Christianity who were completely segregated by Indian society – a society which says if you are poor it is your karma.

Not every one in Indian subcontinent converted to Christian faith for goodies. St.Thomas, one of the disciples of Christ, visited India and preached the gospel in Tamil Nadu and surrounding regions. Many upper elites of Indian society converted to Christian faith and went as missionaries to Sri Lanka.

Andy West typifies the Millennial Western youth who are completely blinded to reality. Islamic terrorists blowing up people in every corner of the world. But these boys do not see any evil in their acts, they do not feel any pity for Christians killed, but they feel very angered by the charitable actions and missionary activities of Christian ‘cult leaders’.


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  1. Chrsitainity is not about converting cowards or good people into chrisrians but showing them a love where the act foolishness and sins can be cleansed by the pure blood of jesus. Yes Jesus is all about love,through him we have eternal life,we are out of his love and his love can is no where an end.We are born to preach his gospel.Ridiciously shaming yourself. A thousand time hatred to your post but god bless you may you truly witness his power.

  2. He has very clearly established that he’s just a terrible person, and I’d be surprised how people are so called followers of him .

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