Ministry Letter, May 2019

Dear brethren,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your continued support to our ministry. On April 19, I sat for my Family Medicine Board Examination. Please pray that the Lord help me pass this examination. After this exam, I sat down to record a new message, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and California: Rise of terror and antisemitism in our time. Please watch or listen to this message at the following links:

Synagogue Shootings: Antisemitism in the Church (Audio)

Our team is busy in India in preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and baptizing the new converts. Please see the photos below from the ministry in Penumaka, Guntur District.

PHOTO-2019-04-30-15-01-51PHOTO-2019-04-30-15-01-51 2PHOTO-2019-04-30-15-01-50PHOTO-2019-04-30-15-01-48PHOTO-2019-04-30-15-01-46PHOTO-2019-04-30-15-01-45 2PHOTO-2019-04-29-13-23-35 2PHOTO-2019-04-29-13-23-34PHOTO-2019-04-29-13-23-33PHOTO-2019-04-29-13-23-32PHOTO-2019-04-29-13-23-31

A new assembly is started in Konacheruvu, Nellore District. Please pray the construction of a new church building for the believers in this assembly.

In His service,

Paul Kattupalli

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