Israel Folau lost his contract for taking a stand for God and the Bible

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Australian rugby player Israel Folau paid a great price for taking a stand for biblical truths and for God’s Word. Rugby Australia sacked him for posting his statements about homosexuality on the social media. It said in a statement that Folau had “committed a high-level breach of the Professional Players’ Code of Conduct warranting termination of his employment contract.”
After the controversy erupted, Folau said to the Sydney Morning Herald, “I’ll stand on what the Bible says…I share it with love.  I can see the other side of the coin where people’s reactions are the total opposite to how I’m sharing it.”
“First and foremost, I live for God now.  Whatever he wants me to do, I believe His plans for me are better than whatever I can think.  If that’s not to continue on playing, so be it.”  Folau said of the controversy. “In saying that, obviously I love playing footsy and if it goes down that path I’ll definitely miss it.  But my faith in Jesus Christ is what comes first.”

Folau took a bold stand for the Bible. No matter how you see his views, he should have freedom of though, conscience and speech in this matter. Another dark day for the freedom of speech.

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